Dukier Popcorn Reversible Harness Size M

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Dukier Popcorn Reversible Harness Size M
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    Make your outings as fun as going to the fairground! This harness will fit perfectly and adapt to your dog's chest, making it super comfortable for your pet. Even better, the harness is reversible, with cool designs on either side, so you'll never get tired of your dogs outfit! Neoprene fabric on one side and breathable mesh on the other, making your dog as comfortable and secure as can be.

    • Super comfortable and adjustable.
    • It GLOWS in the DARK
    • Neoprene fabric & breathable mesh.
    • Reflective stripes.
    • Two-in-one design.

    Always check that the harness is well adjusted to the chest of your dog to prevent escape.

    Sizing Guide - Neck &Chest

    XS - 26 cm/24 cm - 36 cm

    S - 28 cm/36 cm - 43 cm

    M -32 cm/45 cm - 55 cm

    L - 40 cm/53 cm - 75 cm

    XL - 43 cm/58 cm - 83 cm