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Cooling Jacket
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    This fabulous dog Cooling Jacket could make a real difference to his/her summer and give you added peace of mind.

    Dogs have almost no sweat glands. They can only try to regulate their body temperature by panting or by perspiration through the pads of their paws. But only a small fraction of a dog's excess body heat can be lost this way. Therefore dogs are prone to heatstroke, which can cause permanent damage in some severe cases even death.

    Put your Cooling Jacket in cold water and it will be ready to cool your dog in a matter of seconds in fact it stays cool up to 5 days and is reusable over and over again.

    Additional information and key product features:

    Relieves heat stress, raised body temperature, restricted airways due to heat stress,

    Available in a range of sizes: 

    XXS - Girth/Chest: 32 - 50cm/Length: 25cm,

    XS - Girth/Chest: 51 - 65cm/Length: 32cm,

    S - Girth/Chest: 66 - 76cm/Length: 38cm,

    M - Girth/Chest: 77 - 86cm/Length: 43cm, 

    L - Girth/Chest: 87 - 95cm/Length: 49 cm,

    XL - Girth/Chest: 96 - 102cm/Length: 54cm,

    Adjustable neck,

    Measure your dog's back length and chest to find the best fit (exclude tail so this can move freely).